Reasons to become a member

1. Meet other PARSUK members

Get access to the list of PARSUK members and see who works in your research field and in your city / University. Be part of a community of students and researchers with similar experiences, who can help you adapt to the United Kingdom from day one. 

2. Develop your career through access to the PARSUK initiatives

We can help you to go to that conference for which you have no funding (through our travel grant), gain experience as an advisor (through our Xperience and Xpand-PALOP initiatives), and get to know that person who might help you getting your dream job (mentorship program) or learn more by attending our events and workshops.

3. Receive our Newsletter​

Be always up-to-date with our events, initiatives and latest news that might impact our PARSUK members (eg. BREXIT).

​​4. Discounts on PARSUK events

PARSUK organises several events - from academic, social or both – that can be good networking opportunities. If you are a member you are also eligible to have discounts on all our events. 

5. It's free

PARSUK membership is free. Why not sign up?

How you can help us

The work from our committee is volunteer. So this means that any help is always welcome.

How can you help?

1. Be a PARSUK ambassador in your city

Help us to reach other cities in the UK by organising events with the local Portuguese community of students and researchers in that city. 

2. Help us organise events

Help is always needed and we like to see our members getting involved with the association. If you want to help us organise events do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Give us your feedback

PARSUK is made for you, so your feedback is really important to us. Give us your opinion and help us improve PARSUK.

4. Be part of the Executive Committee

Every year the PARSUK committee is renewed. We are always looking for people who have an interest in the organization and who can perpetuate the work done in previous commissions.

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