Scientific diplomacy

As representers of the portuguese students and investigators of the United Kingdom, we are always aware of the emerging themes with the potential interest and impact towards our society.

Through the years, we developed a connection with our members to understand their needs and  reputation together with the responsible entities in the areas of science, investigation and superior education, both in Portugal and United Kingdom beyond borders.


With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, there has been a huge impact in our PARSUK community, not only in the context of science but also in the rights of the European citizens in British land.

Image by Habib Ayoade
Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of PARSUK was created in 2019 with the purpose of reenforce the scientific diplomacy in bilateral relations between Portugal and United Kingdom in terms of investigation, inovation, development e scientific cultures.

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Diaspora Council

The Portuguese Diaspora Council is a non governmental organization with the purpose of promoting the relations between Portugal and its diasporas.

Other Diasporas in the UK

PARSUK is not alone in the scientific diplomacy, promoting the active collaboration with the other associations of the european diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Image by Kira auf der Heide