The Xpand-PALOP Initiative is held annually and gives the opportunity for graduates from Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde to undertake a four-week internship in the UK under the guidance of a PARSUK member.

The Xpand-PALOP also intends to promote scientific development in these countries, particularly in the area of Health.

Xpand-PALOP aims to promote scientific development in these countries, particularly in the area of Health, and to increase the visibility of the knowledge and skills of PALOP students in the UK, as well as to strengthen collaboration between PALOP and British institutions.


Xpand-PALOP scholarships allow:

  • the trainee's personal and professional growth;

  • the personal and professional growth of the advisor;

  • the establishment and strengthening of contact networks and partnerships between the countries and institutions involved.

Xpand-PALOP 2019-2020: Registration for supervisor is open.

The program Xpand-PALOP reopened with one scholarship! If you are a PARSUK's member and would like to host a student national and resident of an African Country with Portuguese as an Official Language between January and March 2020, you can now apply until 31st of July 2019. The project can be 4 or 8 weeks, depending on you availability. Check the application regulations below (portuguese and english versions).





André Antunes, Orientador XPAND-PALOP 2018

On my view, I think the outcome of this participation in PARSUK's Xpand-PALOP programme is extremely positive, both from the point of view of scientific production and from the point of view of promoting future collaborations. We have discussed a lot of possible future collaborations and I am sure we will be back to collaborating on future projects.

Helena Batalha, Orientadora XPAND-PALOP 2018

In general, to me, PARSUK's Xpand-PALOP programme seems an excellent opportunity for young people from the PALOP countries to acquire new scientific knowledge in the United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, the fact that the orientation is done by a Portuguese helps, because of the common language and some cultural similarities. It also seems an excellent opportunity for young Portuguese doctoral students to begin to gain experience in mentoring students.



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