The PARSUK Xperience Iniciative started in 2012 and is an annual activity which allows Portuguese undergraduates or Master’s students enrolled in Portuguese universities to do a scientific research project in the United Kingdom under the guidance of a PARSUK member.



This year we had 5 projects selected and shortlisted according to the criteria of Article 10 of the regulation. 


The 2021 PARSUK Xperience Initiative has two grants. The grant application process will be carried out in accordance with Section V of the regulation.


Scholarships will be awarded sequentially in order of project ranking. Successful candidates in the first evaluation phase, in accordance with Article 15 of the regulation, will move on to the second evaluation phase by the Advisors. Only projects that receive candidates will be awarded scholarships. As candidates for projects with better ranking are placed, the two available scholarships will be awarded.


Do you want to receive a PARSUK-Xperience scholarship? Now it's your turn! You have between March 28 and April 18 to apply for one of the projects (form below). 

About this initiative 

With this program PARSUK intends to promote scientific culture in Portugal and strengthen collaborations between Portuguese and British institutions.

Applications happen annually and the process is divided in two phases:

      1. The first phase involves submission of Projects by the Advisors - effective members of PARSUK, who are based at an University or Research centre in the UK - using the online application form.

       2. The second phase involves the Student application to the selected Projects - associate members of PARSUK which are on the last year of the Bachelor or Master's degree in Portuguese institutions - using the online application form.

For 2021, two scholarships in all scientific areas will be considered. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship period will have to be agreed between Scholarship Holders and Advisors. Know more in the guidance notes below.

For further clarification, please contact bolsas@parsuk.pt.



Opening call for Project applications

14th of February until 14th March 2021

Project shortlisting

21st March 2021

Opening call for Student applications

28th March until 18th April 2021

Student applications assessment and interviews

1st Phase: 18th until 25th April 2021

2nd Phase: 25th April until 2nd May 2021

Successful Student applications  announcement

1st Phase: 2nd until 9th May 2021

2nd Phase: 9th until 16th May 2021

Internship period

To be defined between the Scholarship Holder and the Advisor, ideally between June and September 2021

Project Registration


(2021 Edition - now closed)



(2021 Edition)

Student Registration


(2021 Edition -

now closed)

What Xperience advisors and fellows say ...
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