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What is PARSUK and who is it for?

Founded in 2008, independent, without profit or political afiliation, PARSUK has, as target, student, investigators, post-graduate portuguese workers in all areas of science and investigation.

Our main purpose is to be a community that promotes integration, alliance and development of our members both in Portugal and United Kingdom.




































Why do we implement quotas?

Since Abril 21st of 2021, the implementation of quotas was approved by the Geral Assembly.

The purpose of quotas is to contribute for the economical sustentability of PARSUK, an outgrowing association, in addition to promote the closeness of members towards the association and the possibility to expand the activities and opportunities between those.

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Who are the members?

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We are more than 2000 members now from different areas and occupations!

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With an outstanding growing of 18% in members...

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Types of membership

I want to be a member

Thank you for the interest of joining our community!

  • Go to

  • Register and follow the steps to obtain your membership!

Any questions contact us through

I'm already a member

Dear PARSUK member,

First of all, we want to thank you for being part of the community! 

To obtain a membership, just follow the following steps:

  • Go to “A minha conta”

  • Acess on the left side “Plano de Membro PARSUK”

  • Press “Ver Planos e Preços”

  • Choose your plan, insert the payment method and it's done!

(For studentes, you will have to submit proof in a week after acquisition of the plan)


Any questions contact us through

Any questions?
Check our FAQs here.