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Every year, PARSUK promotes exchange opportunities and trainings for Portuguese students and residents in the PALOP to undertake scientific internships.


In numbers, since 2012 we already had: 

Available Projects

> 50


> 600

Grants Awarded

> 15


The Xperience initiative funds scientific internships that ought to take place during the summer in the United Kingdom and with supervision from a PARSUK member. 

For whom: Portuguese students undertaking a bachelor or a masters' degree 

Hosting organisation: United Kingdom

Type of research: Two grants in all scientific fields 

Duration: 4 weeks

Grant: Stipend of 1500€ for scholarship holder; Advisor 250€

Deadlines: Annually; projects to be submitted by advisor between 14th of February and 14th of March 2021; and for students between 28th of March and 18th of April 2021. 

 The Xpand-PALOP initiative funds scientific internships to researchers from Portuguese-Speaking African Countries, which ought to take place during the summer in the United Kingdom and with supervision from a PARSUK member. 
This year, due to COVID-19, this initiative has been put on hold. PARSUK is instead currently working in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to design a training programme to create a network of excellent partners that will help support the next generation of young African researchers.


The Xplore - Academic Development Fund initiative is designed to support PARSUK members to attend scientific conferences or training programmes, either online or in-person.   

For whom: PhD students and Post-doc researchers 

Location: United Kingdom or internationally 

Grant: Expenses are partially supported up to 500

Deadlines: between 8th of March and 9th of April 2021

Bilateral Research Fund

The Bilateral Research Fund awards research grants to students and researchers for the creation and strengthening of links between Universities and Research Institutes in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

For whom: Researchers at the beginning of their professional career

Hosting organisation: Portugal and the United Kingdom

Type of research: Four grants in all scientific fields

Duration: between 3 and 6 months

Grant: Up to 3000€

Deadlines: Applications open until 17h00 on 16th of March 2021