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The scene of United Kingdom leaving the European Union has had a undeniable impact in our PARSUK community, not only in the science, investigation and superior education context but also in the rights of the european citizens in British lands.

Since the results of the referendum in 2016, we have been aware of the negotiations that will define the future of the relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, actively participating in debates with counterparts organisations looking for answers for the needs of our members.

Our priorities centralise in the establishment of a common agenda for the science and investigation, mobility programs and financial help for students and investigators, as well as the mutual recognition of the regulatory patterns between European Union and the United Kingdom.

Some examples of our activities include:​​


Keep the EU And UK Collaborating In Science #Dealforscience

In partnership with SRUK, Polonium Foundation and Dan in the UK, PARSUK signed in 2020 the petition promoted by Wellcome Trust, whose main purpose was to guarantee the sequel of the United Kingdom as associate member of the Horizon Europe program and maintenandce of the mobility of investigators between the United Kingdom and the rest of the european countries.


Looking beyond Brexit: The future of science between Portugal and the United Kingdom Otober 2020


Survey of expectations and motivations: A comparison between 2017-2019 
October 2020

In the commitment of representing the interests of our members, PARSUK launched two questionnaires in 2016/17 and in 2019/20 to understand the evolution of the expectations and motivations of the portuguese students and investigators when it comes to moving to the United Kingdom and the potential impact of Brexit.


Danger to science of no-deal Brexit
Agosto 2020, Nature

About the event co-organized by PARSUK, AISUK, SRUK and Polonium Foundation in the British Council in February 2019 in London, to discuss the potential scenarios afterUnited Kingdom leaving the European Union.

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