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31 January 2020

Official Exit

EU Settlement Scheme

Living in the United Kingdom

The exit of the United Kingdom had an undeniable impact on our community, not only for science, investigation and higher education context but also for the europeans citizens' rights in British territory.

Since the referendum results in 2016, we have supervised the negotiations that will determine the future relations between United Kingdom and European Union. Our presence has been active in debates with congeners organisations and we always seek to find solutions for our members' needs.

Our priorities are focused on the establishment of a common agenda for science and investigation, mobility and financial programmes for students and investigators, as well as mutual recognition of patterns between European Union and the United Kingdom.

Some examples of our activities include:​​

What is Brexit? Some explanatory videos:

For more information about your rights in the United Kingdom, please visit:

To interact with other PARSUK members about this topic, you can use the PARSUK Forum.

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