Scientific Advisory Board

Our goal

- Strengthen scientific diplomacy in bilateral relations between Portugal and the United Kingdom in research, innovation, development and scientific culture.

- Provide scientific advice to the Portuguese government and national R&D institutions.

- Contribute to the knowledge exchange between the two countries with regards to advances in science and technology.

- Report on opportunities that facilitate the strengthen of research links between Portugal and the UK.

Our story

The idea of a Scientific Advisory Board was born in 2015. Since then a lot of work and efforts have been made to create a protocol and a Scientific Advisory Board with the aim of reinforcing the scientific diplomacy in the bilateral relations between Portugal and the United Kingdom in terms of research, innovation. , development and scientific culture.

After two years of negotiations, during Luso 2019, a protocol was signed between PARSUK, under the representation of the then president Luís Miguel Lacerda, the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, represented by Minister Manuel Heitor, and the Foundation for Science and Technology, represented by José Paulo Esperança. In late 2019 the first team of the Scientific Advisory Board, composed of academics located in Portugal and the United Kingdom, was announced, as well as the first edition of the Portugal-UK Bilateral Research Fund.


The Portugal-UK Bilateral Research Fund (BRF) was created to support the establishment and the development of research links between universities and research institutes in the UK and Portugal. 

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Patrick Rebuschat

Position in SAB: President


Position: Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Institution: University of Lancaster, UK

Raquel Oliveira

Cargo no CC: Membro

Posição: Investigadora Principal

Instituição: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

#SR IGC PI Raquel Oliveira 01 070316.jpg

Zita Martins

Position in SAB: Member

Position: Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department

Institution: Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal


Tatiana Correia

Position in SAB: Member

Position: Knowledge Transfer Manager for Nanotechnology

Institution: Knowledge Transfer Network, UK


Francisco Veloso

Position in SAB: Member

Position: Dean and Professor

Institution: Imperial College Business School, UK


Miguel Rodrigues

Position in SAB: Member

Position: Professor of Information Theory and Processing / Turing Fellow

Institution: University College London, UK / Turing Institute, UK

Miguel Jorge

Céu Mateus

FHM HeadShots-0135.jpg

Position in SAB: Member

Position: Professor of Astrophysics

Institution: University of Oxford, UK


Position in SAB: Member

Position: Lecturer in Chemical and Processing Engineering

Institution: University of Strathclyde, UK

Prior Members


Mónica Bettencourt-Dias

Cargo no CC: Membro

Posição: Directora e Investigadora Principal

Instituição: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

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