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Scientific diplomacy

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A PARSUK não atua sozinha no palco da diplomacia científica, promovendo uma colaboração ativa com as outras associações da diáspora europeia no Reino Unido.

O trabalho que desenvolvemos em diplomacia científica na PARSUK tem muitos paralelos e sinergias com outras organizações da diáspora, tanto Portuguesa no estrangeiro assim como de outras nacionalidades no Reino Unido.

PARSUK does not act alone in the scientific diplomacy, promoting an active collaboration with the other associations of the European diaspora in the United Kingdom.

The work we develop in the scientific diplomacy at PARSUK has various parallels and synergies with other organisations in the diaspora, both portuguese in the foreign as well ass other nationalities in the United Kingdom.

In specific, we have collaborated with various congeners around the world to promote the dialogue between portuguese graduates through GraPE  and developing points of interest between graduates from other nationalities in the United Kingdom namely when it comes to Brexit including Spain, Italy, Poland the Netherlands and Finland and through the European Union Delegation in the United Kingdom.

Initiatives developed in the collaboration with other diasporas in the United Kingdom

  • Communication in the scientific magazine Nature


In february 2018, PARSUK co organised an event with AISUK, SRUK and Polonium Foundation in the British Council in London, to discuss the potential scenarios after the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The results of this discussion were summarised in a communication published in Nature, which can be seen here.


  • Brexit Questionnaires

PARSUK, in the commitment of better representing our members' interests, launched a questionnaire in 2016 to understand the expectations and motivations of our portuguese investigators and students when moving to the United Kingdom, and how this will change after Brexit. The questionnaire was repeated in 2019/2020 and the results can be seen here.



In partnership with SRUK, Polonium foundation and Dan in the UK, PARSUK signed in 2020 the petition “KEEP THE EU AND UK COLLABORATING IN SCIENCE #DEALFORSCIENCE” promoted by Wellcome Trust. The main purposes of this petition were the continuation of the United Kingdom as associate member of the Horizon Europe program and the maintenance of the mobility of the investigators between the United Kingdom and the rest of the european countries.

Outras Diásporas no Reino Unido

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