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BRF. Who are this year's winners?


Nine junior researchers have won a grant of 3.000€ with the program BRF of PARSUK.

This year we had 10 applicants.

The winners of BRF are:

  • Samuel Augusto Azevedo Ginja

  • Carla Patrícia de Araújo Queirós

  • Sandra Vieira

  • Andreia Wendt

  • Ângela Margarida Alves Fernandes

  • José Lourenço

  • Paula Oliveira

  • José Fonseca

  • Gil Gonçalo Martins Fernandes

All participants were contacted before this post.

It's possible to access the final results list here.

This initiative is powered by Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia e da British Embassy - UK Science and Innovation Network.

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