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Event. Mundo Lusófono explores realities of the lusophones in the UK

Updated: Apr 15, 2022


WONDER will celebrate the Mundo Lusófono at "Invisible Minorities, Empowering Lusophones in London" on 17 June 2022, from 10.30 am until 2 pm.

This event seeks to create a space where Lusophones, UK-based youth workers and community support organisations alike can celebrate the achievements of Lusophones, discuss solutions to integration challenges faced by them, and work together to better understand the lived realities of Lusophone migrants in the UK.

At this conference, it will raise issues such as migrants in the UK, especially those who speak English as a new language, are navigating the xenophobia and racism that has accompanied the UK’s exit from the EU.

To participate, it is necessary to fill in the form, which is available here.

WONDER was established in 2012. It has worked with 30 partners in 23

countries to empower 81,990 women and girls through quality education and


Get to know more about this conference here.

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