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GraPE: Careers in Motion

The 2022 edition of Fórum de Graduados Portugueses no Estrangeiro (GraPE) takes place this Saturday, 26 February, from 2 pm to 4.45 pm, and it is online.

The registration for the event is free, and you can do it here.

"Careers in motion" edition has four sessions: "Remote & Hybrid Work", "Changing careers in Science", "Mobility and Globality", and "Progression: Education and Training". The event also has a session about homecoming to Portugal.

This annual event gathers all the qualified Portuguese diaspora. It aims to share professional experiences and debate crucial questions about the future of Portugal.

"Remote & Hybrid Work"

The first session has the moderation of Viviana Silva and its speakers are Hugo Gonçalves, Francisco Almada Lobo, and Carlos Pais Correia.

"Remote and Hybrid Work" brings many opportunities and benefits for employees and employers. But what are the main challenges and how to face them? What are the success elements and what lessons should we learn from it? Is it possible to reshape new ways of work and new ways of structure of organizations to find a balance between virtual and in-person collaboration? What skills leaders should have and what qualifications should guarantee to their staff?

"Changing careers in Science"

The second session is between David Silva, Isabel Ramos, and Miguel Lopes. The debate moderator is Leonor Keating.

Changing careers in Science is a frequent challenge, especially after a PhD, where the career opportunities seem endless and unknown. In this session, we are going to talk about how PhD students can prepare themselves for the future, what are the main challenges tot are into account, the expectation of companies towards a PhD student, and how universities can help in career transitions.

"Mobilidade & Globalidade"

Joana Campos is going to be the debate moderator. The speakers will be Pedro Gonçalves, Ana Raquel Moreira, Danilo Andrade de Jesus, and Margarida Costa.

The speakers of this debate have already travelled the world. Surpassed challenges similar to every single person, who has moved alone and with family, has faced.

"Progression: Education and Training"

In this session, the talk between Liliana Duarte, Sónia Luis, Tiago Neves, and Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos is going to have as debate moderator Ana Godinho.

Education is the starting point, but training can determine a career. The participants of this session, with different learning experiences, will debate the importance of training to progression as professionals. Throughout their career paths, they were challenged to change and will share their experience.


Sílvia Curado and Inês Godet are going to be the debate moderators of the talk between Paulo Ferreira, Joana Maria, Nuno Morais, and Maria João Amorim. Do we want to go back to Portugal? What challenges are ahead of us? What opportunities exist? Is Portugal waiting for us? What do we wait about Portugal? Some of the queries that are going to be answered.

The Forum GraPe was born in 2012. It is powered by PARSUK (UK), PAPS (USA and Canada), AGRAFr (France), ASPPA (Germany), APEI-benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg), SPOT Nordic (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), and AGRAPS (Switzerland).

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