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Rede GPS: Survey for Scientists/Researchers

Foto: GPS

The Rede Global Portuguese Scientists (GPS) is doing a survey named Rede Global Portuguese Scientists: Estratégia comunicacional para a divulgação, ampliação e dinamização da plataforma”.

The main goal is to understand the national and international landscape that the Portuguese scientists have about the GPS project, pointing out both the strengths and the weaknesses.

The research findings aim to understand the main aspects to improve to make the Rede an even more relevant and useful tool in the Portuguese and Portuguese diaspora scientific context.

The survey is being coordinated by Professor Carlos Manuel Santos (University of Aveiro) in liaison with researchers from the University of Aveiro.

The research findings might be published in a scientific context, but still, make sure the anonymity of the participants.

The survey is in Portuguese.

To fill out the survey anonymously, click here.

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